6 Affordable Places to Live in New Jersey

6 Affordable Places to Live in New Jersey


Are you thinking of living in New Jersey? Garden State is expensive, with an average home price of $ 342,527 and an average monthly rent of $ 2,000, but there are plenty of affordable cities here. Residents of New Jersey enjoy budget-friendly housing, safe areas, and plenty of outdoor recreation, while being just a short distance from more expensive areas such as New York City and Philadelphia. Check out these 6 cheapest places to live in New Jersey!

  • Population: 5,532

  • Home Price: $267,600 median purchase price; $1,328 median monthly rent

  • Crime Rate: Safer than 90% of U.S. cities

  • Unemployment Rate: 5.1%

Want to live in a small town? Check out Hightstown in central New Jersey! Not only does6 cheapest places to live in New Jersey the city offers affordable living expenses, but it's also halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, making it easy to commute to work or enjoy a weekend getaway. Peddy is the city's top private school and is ideal for families with school-age children. If you are looking for higher education, Princeton University is just 20 minutes away. For relaxing views of the Atlantic Ocean, Jersey Shore is a 45-minute drive south.

Hightstown activities

Take a walk on Peddie Lake, go fishing or have a picnic at Hightstown Memorial Park. Become a member of the Pedi Golf Club and join the Golf League. Find home accessories and gifts for your friends and family at Perennial Home. Discover new beers such as Fencesitter Pale Ale and Parachute Factory Double IPA at the Old Heights Brewing Company. Get a Shiracha Chicken Sandwich, Caprese Hoazy, or Hummus Quesadilla at 4 Seasons Cafe & Deli. Enjoy lake views, live local music, and enjoy buffalo chicken pizza and barbecue pineapple pork loin at the lake's tavern. Try Jamaican cuisine at Morgan`s Special Wrap or Bob Marley Salad at Morgan`s Island Grill. Alternatively, enjoy a farmed table brunch or order a wild boar benedict or baked cinnamon custard French toast at 12 Farms Restaurant.

New Brunswick

  • Population: 56,427

  • Home Price: $253,300 median purchase price; $1,381 median monthly rent

  • Crime Rate: Safer than 18% of U.S. cities

  • Unemployment Rate: 5.5%

Known as Hub City, New Brunswick is an affordable place to live in New Jersey, attracting young professionals thanks to Rutgers University and large corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb. And with lots of shopping, dining and entertainment centers all over the city, New Brunswick has fun for residents of all ages! Here you can easily navigate the city's established public transport, including the Brands Quick Shuttle, Rutgers Campus Bus, and NJ Transit Train. And if you're planning to commute to New York for work or play, it's less than an hour!

New Brunswick attractions

Check out the latest exhibits of ancient and contemporary art at the Zimari Museum, one of the largest university museums in the country. Visit Rutgers Gardens to see stunning plants, wildlife and sculptures. Experience everything from contemporary ballet to concerts at the New Jersey State Theatre. Participate in an open mic night or comedy show at the Stress Factory Comedy Club. Enjoy a classic surf and turf dinner with Amaretto Creme Brulee for dessert at Steakhouse 85. Order Super Mario or Tony Manero Pizza from Fat Americano. Try a tea flight while eating jam donuts at Simply Chai Grab. Hang out at the Hub City Brewhouse and have a hop-up Hub City IPA. Or get vegan and get Faraful Wrap, RAWvioli, MashnGravy and other vegan dishes.


  • Population: 14,570

  • Home Price: $140,100 median purchase price; $868 median monthly rent

  • Crime Rate: Safer than 37% of U.S. cities

  • Unemployment Rate: 7.5%

If you're looking for an affordable home and an intimate community, Philipsburg is the place for you. This New Jersey City is on the Pennsylvania border, opposite Easton and offers family-friendly activities such as shopping, dining and the Crayola experience. Philipsburg is located on the Delaware River, less than an hour from Poconos, so great land and water recreation is also nearby. The largest city in Warren County has a lot to discover!

Philipsburg Tourist Attractions

Book your tour at the Delaware River Railroad Excursion and board the train to see the beauty of West Jersey and tours of New Jersey wineries. Learn about railway history at the Philipsburg Railway History Museum. Enjoy time with friends knocking on bowling pins at the Warren Lanes bowling alley. Find the perfect antique item for your home at Country Bumpkin Antique and Collectibles. Enjoy all-day breakfast at Key City Diner, including triple cheese omelets, sausage gravy benedicts, and croissant sandwiches. Eat a classic cheesesteak or cheesesteak slider with a distinctive hot or mild sauce at Joe's Steak Shop. Try one of New Jersey's best burgers in the main Sullivans, or try other dishes like Jersey Street Sandwiches. Or get a pierogi saute or Pabst Blue Reuben at SoMa Downtown Grill & Cafe.

Pompton Lakes

  • Population: 11,163

  • Home Price: $294,800 median purchase price; $1,440 median monthly rent

  • Crime Rate: Safer than 73% of U.S. cities

  • Unemployment Rate: 4.9%

Do you spend most of your time outdoors? Consider living in Pompton Lake! This New Jersey City intersects three rivers and Pompton Lake, so there's plenty of water activity in your own backyard! If you still don't have enough outdoor recreation, you can hike, boat and fish in just 15 minutes to Norvan Green State Forest. Of course, that's not the only time you spend outside at Pompton Lakes. There are also a variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as local arts and culture.

Pompton Lakes attractions

You can rent a pedal boat, go fishing or take a walk on Pompton Lake. Play tennis at Hirschfield Park. Solve puzzles and experience angry dreams in the Pompton Lakes Escape Room. See local musicals like Elvis's memories on the outdoor stage of the Rhino Theater. Try Italian cuisine such as Shrimp & Scallops Fra Diavolo and Ravioli Gambarelli at Chef Anton`s' restaurant Axton`s, which has appeared on TV shows such as Chopped and Hell`s Kitchen. Make your own rice bowl or order Chipotle Glazed Shrimp Tacos from the Chanos Latin Kitchen. Eat the next level of grilled cheese sandwiches such as Cheese Cuban and Spicy Parmesan Chicken at the Cheese Bar, or visit Sushi for special sushi rolls such as Garden State, Spicy Girl and Izumi Special.


  • Population: 28,884

  • Home Price: $265,300 median purchase price; $1,311 median monthly rent

  • Crime Rate: Safer than 76% of U.S. cities

  • Unemployment Rate: 6.3%

About 30 minutes south of Newark, you will reach the town of Rahway. Not only are there budget-friendly homes and apartments here, but the Raway has a lively arts and cultural scene, lots of unique dining experiences, and fascinating local shops. If you want to join the community and meet new people, the city hosts several community events throughout the year. Since Rahway is also part of the New York Metropolitan Area, access to Manhattan is easy and takes about 45 minutes.

Tourist attractions in Rahway

Go fishing or cycling and enjoy beautiful sea views at Milton Lake Park. Take your four-legged friends for a walk or have a picnic at Rahway River Park. Learn about early American history at The Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum. Watch classic movies and listen to live music at the Union County Performing Arts Center. Drink icy latte and snacks on freshly baked pastries in a coffee box. Try Cuban cuisine at Cuba Nu Restaurant and Lounge where you can try Mofongo, Polo Ala Plancha, or Bakalite. At Wet Ticket Brewing, find beers that taste like summer watermelon wheat or hop-dyed IPA. Or spoil the sweet tooth with Melao Cafe and Creamery roll ice cream Dirty Blondie or Matcha Love.

Toms River

  • Population: 88,537

  • Home Price: $278,700 median purchase price; $1,337 median monthly rent

  • Crime Rate: Safer than 71% of U.S. cities

  • Unemployment Rate: 4.6%

On the Atlantic coast, Toms River's coastal town is popular with young people, families and retirees. If you like to relax by the water, this affordable New Jersey City has plenty of beach areas to enjoy waterfront activities at places like Ortley Beach and Seaside Heights. Find cheap homes and apartments near shopping, dining and nightlife. In addition, it's less than two hours from New York and Philadelphia.

Toms River Landmark

Bird watching and hiking with beautiful views of Catas Island County Park. See spiders in spooky caves, bees at Hive Airport, and other bugs in the Insects Museum in New Jersey. Play arcade games and mini golf rounds at Barnacle Bill's Amusements. Swim in the waters of Autry Beach or relax on the sandy beaches. Try New Jersey craft beers such as Citron Pale Ale and Down at Toms River Brewing's Bog Stout. Visit Uncle Dood's Donuts to get iced order donuts. Please try the monthly flavor specials. Eat fine Chinese food at Xina, such as Peking Duck and fried diver scallops. Or get a burger with Burger 25. Here you can order chicken and waffle burgers and strawberry milkshakes.

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